Trout Stocking

Arrowhead Chapter of Trout Unlimited is involved each year in the stocking of Trout in Buffalo Creek's DHALO Section. The Trout stocked are from two sources (PA Fish Commission and Arrowhead's Co- Op Nursery). The rough total of trout stocked each year is around 6400 (3400 from the State and 3000 from our Co-Op Nursery). The Buffalo DHALO is 3.7miles in length and 100% of this area gets stocked. About 65% of the DHALO project does not have road access so trout are float stocked. The other 35% of the stream is stocked via buckets because of being along the road. The stocking takes place from February - May, weather permitting. See attached links for PA Fish Commission stocking dates and Arrowhead Trout Unlimited's Face Book Page for Co-Op Nursery Stocking Dates.

Trout Stocking Details

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